April 17, 2023 7:02 pm Published by Donna
Setting vegetable transplants requires care in fertilization to achieve steady and uniform growth. Transplant solutions are designed to provide water and a small amount of nutrition during the establishment phase and root development occurring after plugs are set. Rapid lateral branching of root systems that have been confined in the transplant flats.
Once the plants begin to establish themselves, we need to supply a balance of both micro- and macronutrients. Transplant stresses after setting the transplant slows down uniform growth and ultimately good early fruit set. Reducing those stresses is a primary concern for growers to understand and fully plan their nutrition program.
Cell Power® LifeOMEX® 4-4-4 and Cell Power® Balanced® 10-10-10 are two tools growers have available to add balanced nutrition! In addition, OMEX’s unique EBA technology is included to achieve uniform growth and early fruit development. These packages provide nutrition, and OMEX®’s EBA technology is developed specifically to achieve uniform growth and early fruit development.
Catching the early market for most vegetable crops adds dollars and profit to growers’ bottom line. Proper nutrition management from transplanting through fruit formation is a critical step forward in achieving early robust yields. Visit www.omexusa.com to learn more.

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