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OMEX® started growing in 1976 and has since developed into a group of companies dedicated to feeding and powering the world. A family run, customer focused, group made up of teams across the globe. OMEX® develop innovative solutions from plant health to renewable energy.

OMEX Agrifluids Inc (USA)

based in Selma, California, OMEX Agrifluids Inc manufactures a range of foliar fertilizers and fertigation products.

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OMEX Agriculture

is a major manufacturer of liquid fertilizers in the UK. OMEX Agriculture offer the farmer a “Total Crop Nutrition” package through its range of unique range of Suspension, Solution and Foliar fertilizers. Providing the farmer with SAP analysis and soil testing tools, along with expert advice form FACTs qualified sales managers.

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OMEX Horticulture

offers a complete nutrition and advisory service to growers in the soft fruit, top fruit, ornamental, protected salads and turf & amenity sectors. The dedicated team have years of experience in the horticultural industry, offering expert advice coupled with trials tested products.

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OMEX Environmental

is at the cutting edge of anaerobic digestion, developing bio-available micronutrient supplements to maximize the efficiency of AD plants. OMEX Environmental also develops and markets a range of nutrients and neutralizers for all types of wastewater.  The company also supplies deicing agents for runways, roads, bridges and car parks.

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OMEX Agrifluids

is a world leader in the formulation and manufacture of innovative plant nutrient fertilizers, exporting its products to over 80 countries.  Working closely with distributors to provide excellent technical solutions to growers.

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OMEX Agriculture Inc (Canada)

manufactures and markets speciality fertilizers throughout Canada. Providing a complete range of seed primers, starters and foliars, the programmed approach to crop nutrition produces maximum yields in short growing seasons.

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OMEX Agrifluids do Brasil Ltda

provides a wide range of crop nutrient products for application via soil, seed and the crop canopy, specializing in crop health promotion and optimizing plant nutrition.

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OMEX’s mission is to sustainably feed and power a growing population. Working closely with farmers and industry, sharing knowledge to support future generations. From a family-owned business creating innovative liquid solutions