June 7, 2021 3:39 pm Published by Donna

A successful day for me is when a grower calls me with a question and I have the ability to guide them in the right direction, whether it’s my opinion on a cultural practice or an in depth agronomic recommendation. If I can be of service to a growers operation and overall bottom line, then I had a great day.” Meet Saul Perez of OMEX USA. Growing up entrenched in agriculture, Saul farmed raisin grapes, cling peaches, almonds and sweet potatoes along with his father. After receiving his Bachelors of Science in Plant Science from CSU Fresno, he found his home in Agriculture. Saul combines his academic and practical experience for field use as a Territory Sales Manager in California’s Central Valley for OMEX. “OMEX USA earned my respect long before I became an employee. OMEX USA has cutting edge technology. We have been able to increase growers yields and profitability through our unique nutrient programs.” When Saul isn’t bringing fertility solutions to growers, you can find him with his wife Vanessa, son Emilio (3) and daughter Alba (5 months), gardening or manufacturing equipment. Questions on optimizing plant nutrition? Growing in the San Joaquin Valley? – reach out to Saul to learn more about the nutritional technologies OMEX USA has to offer. saulp@omex.com

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