June 28, 2021 4:47 pm Published by Donna

As quoted by Sam Evans, “Where I come from, there seem to be more cows than people.”

Agriculture has always been a staple in Sam Evans’ life. Growing up in Central Pennsylvania,

Sam learned the meaning of hard work and the impact of agriculture by milking cows, raising

other livestock and logging with his family. “I have so much respect for those who farm for a

living, I just want to do my small part to help feed the world.” Sam received his Bachelors of

Science in AgScience from Penn State and hit the ground running and ready to support our

agriculture industry. Today, Sam knows it’s been a successful day when he helps a grower

find a solution that makes their operation more profitable or efficient.

Being a family run company with a core commitment to doing things the right way is what

attracted Sam to OMEX and why he works on the team today. When he’s not with his OMEX

family, you can find Sam with his wife Missy and daughter Madison or honing his auctioneering


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