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The chemical element aids in nitrogen uptake, chlorophyll production and tuber development

Why is sulfur so important to potato production? Sulfur’s role in every crop can’t be ignored. It has similar importance to yield, quality and marketability as do nitrogen and phosphorus.

Potatoes demand adequate sulfur levels for nitrogen uptake, chlorophyll production, tuber development, stress and pest resistance, carbohydrate generation, amino acid formation, and vitamin synthesis.

Decreased efficiency in any area becomes a limiting factor on crop yield and potential, while it also plays a significant role in how crops taste and smell, and how they perform in subsequent use.

What’s more, across all crops, sulfur deficiencies rarely present visible symptoms. Hidden deficiency is often more damaging than acute deficiency, as it’s usually only discovered when it’s too late to remedy.

Sulfur also has another role, as a fungicide. Indeed, sulfur-based fungicides were among the first available to farmers and remain important today, whether applied to cut seed or as a supplement in conjunction with modern blight control chemistry.

It’s important to understand how plants absorb sulfur. Their preference is for sulfates, which are in the only form that plant roots can access the nutrient.

There’s a limited role for leaves. Not only can they absorb small quantities of sulfur dioxide directly from the atmosphere, but also help to regulate nutrient absorption while combating disease.

When applied as a foliar spray, the nutrients slowly enter the plant tissue as required. But when present on the leaf surface, sulfur’s disease­-suppressing abilities act in synergy with later applications of fungicide and insecticide.

This is why OMEX® SulpHomex Ultra® is a great fit into your nutritional program, having both elemental and sulfate-sulfur in one product. The combination allows growers to get the benefits of elemental sulfur on the leaves and sulfate-sulfur to seal up wounds on the leaves and provide a source of nutrition for the plant.

SulpHomex Ultra is the company’s solution for potatoes. Although it contains multiple sulfur sources, it is not registered as a fungicide, but as a fertilizer, reflecting the importance of sulfur already described.

Its co-formulation of sulphate and nitrate allows immediate use of the nitrogen form most readily absorbed by plant roots.

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