March 16, 2023 4:38 pm Published by Donna
Early season diseases in orchards like fire blight are a grower’s nightmare. The disease first appears in spring as environmental changes create the sweet spot: the temperature rises above 65ºF and moisture from rain, dew and humidity favor infection.
Bacteria overwinter in cankers on the tree and while relatively few cankers become active, just a single canker can produce millions of bacteria that transfer to open flowers by insects, rain or even cultural practices such as pruning.
From the flower, the bacteria enter the tree’s vascular system, prompting death of flowers, leaves, fruit and — worst case — the entire tree, especially if it reaches the rootstock.
We can’t change the weather, but we can reduce the host’s susceptibility to the pathogen, and prevention is always better than the cure! Cell Power® Zynergy™, with its benefit to the plant, by supplying Copper, Zinc and Sulfur, even in the absence of disease, should be what every fruit grower should incorporate in their protection program. Learn more at
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